this is cousin jimjams' worlds-famed recipe for a Crust
servings: 1 Crust for 1 Funny Boy

  ➢ microwave-safe mug
  ➢ a comically small fork
  ➢ mildly functional microwave

  ➢ sprayable oil (olive)
  ➢ a big egg
  ➢ 5 overzealous tablespoons of flour
  ➢ 1 non-committal tablespoon of sugar
  ➢ as little vanilla extract as you can get out of the bottle
  ➢ cinnamon, as desired
  ➢ enough salt to make you imagine it maybe did anything

coat the insides of the mug with oil spray. crack the egg into the mug while
abstaining from any critical thoughts. pour in the dry ingretients one by one
and become frustrated trying to mix them with the uselessly tiny fork.
microwave for 2 minutce.  eat! (but be careful!)!

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