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Insaniquarium Repainted

A shitpost mod for Insaniquarium Deluxe.

Commissioned by SocksBX for their December 2023 subathon.

Sweet & Spicy MIDIs (2009–2019)

“Dude this list is like looking inside Jimmy's brain, and it's genuinely scary” —Nathan, 2k19


I know the one is called "Literally Just EarthBound Guitar" but by the time I wanted to change the name I'd already used it in a bunch of projects and didn't want to break them.

MuseScore Projects (2015–2019)

Use these in conjunction with the above Soundfonts to make them sound less broken

Good Images

Images that'll make your website look like it's from the 1990's.

Speedy Blupi Maps

Maps of every level in the 1998 PC game, Speedy Blupi (also known as Speedy Eggbert).

Maps ending in "d" are unique to Speedy Blupi DEMO v0.8, the free demo of the game that was downloadable from ceebot.com.
Maps ending in "s" are unique to Speedy Eggbert Special Edition, which was included by the publisher eGames in various demo disks.

Speedy Blupi II Maps

Maps of every level in the 2001 PC game, Speedy Blupi II (also known as Speedy Eggbert II).

The map ending in "e" is unique to the Eggbert versions of the game.

Epsitec SA & Blupi games data archive

Blupi is intellectual property of Daniel Roux and Epsitec SA, who are not affiliated with this site.

These maps were created using X-Edit Mapper by Messerschmitt262a2a.

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